Betty Buff's Totally Oatly Oaty Scrub

Being the total body buffing addict that I am, I’m always on the hunt for a good scrub and a couple of months ago, I received a small sample of Betty Buff’s Shea Souffle scrub in Amitee’s first monthly box and I liked it so much that I ordered a full-version scrub; Totally Oatly. 
A little back story..
Betty Buff specialize in making fresh, natural exfoliating body scrubs primarily for sensitive skin (however if you like all-natural body scrubs, then you can use this too). Their vintage and tried scrubs are colour, fragrance and paraben – free and they currently have 9 different varieties of scrubs, depending on your skin type.
Because I have dry skin, I opted to purchase ‘Totally Oatly’. This particular scrub contains no sugar and no salt, thus making it ideal for Diabetics. I love how they think of everyone’s needs!
I loved the delivery process was amazeballs as the product came the very next day; considering I ordered quite late in the afternoon the previous day! The scrub comes in a 250ml tub and the ingredients are simply oats and grapeseed oil, that’s it.
Because there are no sugar or salt particles, it does literally feel like you’re dipping your hand into a bowl of Quaker Oats and the smell oh my gah!! Flapjacks! I don’t like the taste of Oats but after having a whiff of that, I could definitely be persuaded.
So yes…back to the scrub itself. A little goes a long way with product as it is extremely rich. I really work it into a lather to target my problem areas and it works just as well as a scrub with salt/sugar. When I showered off, I felt really squeaky clean – one thing I will say is that it can get quite messy in the shower as it tends to go a bit drippy, so remember to clean the shower afterwards! Or maybe that’s just me, haha 😛
After a few days I’ve found that my skin looks a lot brighter and even the tone looks more even – oats do really do the body good. 😉
Pros: Amazing flapjacky smell, great exfoliator, good value for money
Cons: Can get a bit messy
Will I purchase again? I think I would.
Available from the website here
Betty Buff’s Twitter page here (which I suggest following because they are so lovely!)
What are your favourite kinds of scrubs?

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