My Skin Saviour! L'Occitane's Angelica Collection

Summer’s here, Summer’s here! Great for you, but horrible for me as Summer is the worst for my skin.

Over the past few weeks, my face has been fighting an ongoing battle with the elements – my demanding job role coupled with the ‘will it rain/will it shine’ weather has beaten my face into submission, leaving it dehydrated, dry, dull and gasping for a cuppa! I tried drinking loads of water, didn’t work. I tried using some homemade face masks – it just made everything even worse. That is until a couple of weeks ago, while looking up “hydrating masks” on le Google I came across the now-amazingness that is L’Occitane’s Angelica Discovery Collection.

The Angelica Discovery collection is a line of products which are aimed for those with dull, dehydrated skin in need of a pick-me-up. The line includes a facial hydration mask, an eye roll on, a facial cream and a facial toner among others. I’m a mahooosive fan of L’Occitane so I decided to give them a go and bought the Angelica starter kit which includes:

– 50 ml Cleansing Gel
– 50 ml Toner
– 5ml Exfoliating Gel
– 15 ml Hydrating Cream
– I also bought the hydration mask as well, which is 75ml

After the first week of using the products, I was literally like:

“Enriched with water and essential oil of organic angelica, this cleansing gel softly removes make-up and impurities, while preserving the skin’s hydrolipidic film, for perfectly clean and hydrated skin. Skin feels immediately soft and looks radiant”

The cleanser has a very fresh, cucumber scent and you only need a small bit to work up a small lather. When I say it literally STRIPS your whole face?? When I washed my face the first time with it, the amount of gunk that came off into the sink looked like something out of Alien. A damn travesty – but hey, it worked! It makes my skin feel squeaky clean. 
This alcohol-free face toner, enriched with angelica essential oil and water, moisturises, refreshes and cleanses the skin of impurities. After use, skin is soft, radiant and ready to absorb all the benefits of your daily skin care regimen.”
The toner has the same cucumber fresh scent and works well with the cleanser to remove any dirt and makeup left behind. As toners go, it’s pretty good.
Hydration Cream:
“A silky smooth cream that moisturises and revitalises the skin. The skin is instantly plumper, smoother and more luminous. Use daily in the morning.”
As you guys may know, I’m pretty anal about what goes on my face (I know…^_^). As a natural nut, I was a bit wary of the cream but so far, it’s been okay. It has a slight greasy edge to it, but my skin does feel well moisturised and fresh thoughout the day.

The star of the show for me however, is the hydration mask:
“The Angelica Instant Hydration Mask is an ultra fresh and water-soaked gel that rehydrates the thirstiest skin within three minutes. The skin will instantly draw all the hydration it needs to provide radiance, comfort and freshness all day long. The skin will be fresh, plump and thirst-quenched.”

Because the mask is water based, I can really feel my skin breathe through it and it feels extremely refreshing and cooling on my face. It’s like my skin is literally drinking in and taking from the mask what it needs to feel hydrated. I use this twice a week and whenever I need a pick-me up and my skin always feels firmer but more noticeably, brighter than usual.
Now I’m not saying that this is gonna end world hunger or anything, but it’s a great way of keeping skin hydrated if yours is a bit dull! I’m so happy with this purchase and it’s spurred me to buy the full sized products. Some more photos below:

Below is a snap of me with no makeup on in Barcelona in May (note: I did chuck on my eyebrows thought because they were going through the wars!) *Severe boobage alert – I apologise!*
Ew. Ah! Gahh! *shades eyes*
And here’s me without makeup *albeit some tinted lipbalm* now: 
No photoshop baybeh – that glow is alllll mine! I see a bit of a difference. I am happy. 😀
How do you hydrate your skin in Summer? What products do you recommend?

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