Revlon Shanghai Collection: Lipstick Swatches.

Whilst randomly perusing the make-up isles in Boots, (dunno why as i’m “supposed” to be on a make-up ban!) I randomly noticed that Revlon’s new Shanghai collection (as mentioned here) was out on the stand! I didn’t even know that it had come out already so I quickly snapped up the last two lipsticks they had out; unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the 3rd lipstick, Red Lacquer yet.
The feel of the Shanghai Collection is distinctly romantic with nods to both the history and cinema noir of vintage Chinese movies. The colour palette plays upon the ultra-feminine colours of the traditional silk dresses and high-collared shirts with various shades of pink, reds and gilded neutrals.
The two colours I got were Pink Pearl (left) and Cherry Blossom (right, above) and they are both pearl finishes with a bit of gloss that moisturises your lips. 

Now, to be honest I’ve never been a fan of pearl finishes as I’m not a “pearl sheen/glitter” kinda gal; I feel as if the colour doesn’t sit right on my lips. However I was pleasantly surprised with these lippies as they are super pigmented even though they are quite sheer.  
Pink Pearl

Pink pearl is a rich baby-pink frosted shade that reminds me of candyfloss! Upon a closer look, you can see the multi-dimensional pearls glittering from within. In regards to the shade, I’m still figuring out how I can wear it as because it’s so bright, it’s not something i’d want to layer on all at once. Perhaps a lip brush? 
In the lip-swatch photo below, I applied the lipstick a few times to build up the colour so you guys can get an idea of the pigmentation, but all in all, it is a lovely, long-lasting colour. 
Cherry Blossom

Now I’ve been wanting another red to add to my collection for quite a while so I’m well chuffed that when I tried this on, it seemed to suit my skin tone pretty well. Cherry Blossom is a yellow based (correct me if i’m wrong, It’s what it looks like me moi!) red which seems to fit with my red based skin-tone so I feel that this could suit anyone of any shade.
Cherry doesn’t apply like a pearl as the pigmentation/texture is quite thick and extremely vibrant. So vibrant in fact that I don’t think the photo does it much justice so i’ll be taking another photo at a later point! 🙂
Once the initial gloss wore off, the colour stain still remained on my lips which I was pretty impressed with too.

Price: £7.49
Available: Boots, Superdrug, Online
Have you guys picked up this collection yet? What do you think?

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