I’m back again for the next instalment of the Tans for Women of Colour project. 🙂
This week was the turn of the MakeBelieve self tan lotion with added bronzer.
What Make Believe Say:
“For a natural looking tan with instant colour.
You will achieve an immediate glowing tan with makebelieve Self Tan Lotion with Bronzer. It is very easy to apply and can be washed off to reveal a longer-lasting tan after 4 hours.”

I was sent the self tan with bronzer, which is number 4 on the colour zone guide which gives a deep, golden tanned look. The first thing I noticed was the packaging which I thought looks really cool; the font and the colour scheme really stand out. 
The second thing that stood out to me was how pleasant the smell was; a stark contrast to last week’s tan which smelt like bleach, this has more of a sugary, vanilla smell, with quite a thick consistency. 
As well as providing a golden tanned look, Make Believe also say it can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Their unique blend of Rainforest oils help moisturise and condition the skin, making it easier to apply. The lotion also contains anti-oxidants to help battle the signs of ageing.
The above photo is of my skin before the tan is applied. The texture of the tan is very much like your typical moisturising lotion, except a little bit thicker (think melting chocolate). Pleasant smell aside, I did find the lotion a bit hard to rub in given that it was so thick.
After rubbing in the lotion, my leg did feel pretty damp for about an hour or so, which left me scared to sit or lie down anywhere. Now I wasn’t sure whether it was the moisturing effect of the tan or whether it really does take that long to sink in, but the waiting time was pretty uncomfortable.
No tan on the left, tan on the right
The tan took about 30 minutes to sink in, giving it a nice, even golden colour without it being too overbearing. Without the flash you could see a definite difference, with my legs only looking slightly tanned. The smell does linger on the skin for a couple of hours before going away but I didn’t mind, however I found that this began to fade after about 3 days instead of the recommended week on the packet. I can see myself wearing this again, although not in the Summer as this doesn’t contain sunscreen!

£24.50 from website

Have you ever tried Make Believe Tan?

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