Antipodes Avocado & Rosehip Divine Face Oil | Review

One of the products that came with the Selfridges box a couple of months ago was this facial oil by New Zealand skincare brand, Antipodes. I have been using the oil for 2 months now and decided to share my thoughts on it!
Antipodes is an organic skincare company created by Elizabeth Barbalich, whose passion for leading a more nature-centred lifestyle led her to create a range of products using primarily natural and organically certified ingredients.
The Avocado Oil & Rosehip Divine Face Oil  contains 100% Avocado oil, sweet orange rind and jasmine petal and is scientifically shown to stimulate collagen production in our skin by up to 51%.
Give a lift to tired, stressed and sun-damaged skin with this nutrient-rich, certified organic face oil that helps to deliver essential nourishment for fresh, healthy skin. The superior collagen boosting action of avocado oil helps reduce the appearance of lines and age spots, while added rosehip helps avocado oil target scars and wrinkles.”
The serum comes as a 25ml bottle with a glass dropper to distribute the correct amount of liquid. There are quite a few ways to incorporate this into your facial regimen; you can either use it at night, first thing in the morning, or it can be used as a primer underneath your make-up. I tend to use it at night and first thing in the morning and over the past couple of months, I have seen a slight change in regards to the clarity of my skin tone.
I use a drop of serum in the morning and evening and distribute it on my face and I find that it moisturises my face well enough to the point where a facial moisturiser wouldn’t be necessary. I have dry skin so any time I apply this, my skin literally just laps it up.. Less truly is more with this product so you could say that it is quite cost-effective. Using the serum in the evening is lovely as during the night when the temperature drops, my skin still feels plump and moist the next morning. The biggest change I have noticed though is the change in my skin complexion. My skintone has now evened out around my jawline which used to harbour a little bit of hyper pigmentation.
As I stated above, less is definitely more with this product. I found out earlier on that it’s quite easy to use too much, even with the stopper attached so as long as you’re not too heavy handed, it should be fine. You wouldn’t want to go out looking like a disco ball!
I’m not sure whether this would be suitable for people with oily skin as the serum is very concentrated. I think it’s best adapted for people with dry/sensitive skin.
Divine Face Oil is £19.00 and is available at:
Antipodes Nature Website // Feel Unique // Selfridges

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