The new Arctic Goddess collection by Avon were part of our goody bags after the Avon event in September, which consists of three nail polishes and the eye shadow palette.
The palette is inspired by the multitude of blue and aqua hues on the A/W ’12 catwalks this year and features  four shades of blue; from a strong electric blue to a dusty pale sky blue.

The palette comes with a double-headed foam doe-foot applicator and has a handy mirror attached if you’re on the go. Instead of the standard black design, there is a pretty multi-saturated illustration on the cover, which represents the four different shades.
The shades aren’t named, so you have the top left colour, which I assume is to be used for the inner eye. It’s a very light/greyish dusty blue with a multi-dimensional pearl to it, next to that is the aqua shadow that can be used for your crease. The bottom left is the ultra pigmented shocking blue for the eyelid and then a deeper, dusky blue for the outer lid.
All of the shadows are ultra pigmented and I’ve noticed that they last even longer if you use a primer underneath them. I’ve never really been a ‘blue’ person as i’ve found that blue is one of those colours that are really tricky to pull off if you have dark skin. I also have saggy eye lids (LOL) which means that I don’t have much of a crease and thus has proven difficult when it comes to applying eye make up, however, after speaking to Samantha of Pixiwoo at the event, she advised me to use the electric blue as a liner, instead of using it all over my lids.
I have been using the bottom two colours mostly as I feel that they compliment each other mostly, although I do use the colour on the top left for my inner eye. When I feel more comfortable and confident with using the shadows, then I will use all four at some point. The colour scheme is lovely and I think that these shades could suit all tones, depending on how you use it and how much you apply. This colour would be gorgeous for those with grey/hazel eyes as I think the aqua would bring out the green pigments in the eyes. 
Once I master how to apply the eye shadow properly, I know i’ll be rocking this all the time this Winter. Especially that electric blue. Roll on Christmas work party!
Avon Arctic Goddess Collection* will be available in November.
What do you think of the eye shadows?

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