Soap & Glory Whipped Clean & Smoothie Star…Meh.

I’ve always had a bit of a love/sometimes like relationship with Soap & Glory. On one hand, I think their little playful and colloquial quiffs are cute and the packaging is adorable and awesome – however on the other hand, despite the claims of natural products included in some of their items, I’ve found that their products don’t work for me at all.

So why buy more items then Steph? I was totally fooled by the packaging again. *facepalm*.
This time I purchased Whipped Clean shower butter and Smoothie Star Buttercream. Targeted at those with dry skin, the two products are supposed to work together to hydrate and moisturise dull and dehydrated skin. After using the products for a week I wasn’t very impressed and did not see a huge change in my skin. More below:

Whipped Clean Shower Butter 250ml – £8.00

“Don’t have time to moisturise? This incredible body-wash-and-butter in one is made up of 25% moisture oils and butters including sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, macadamia nut oil and cocoa & shea butters. Fragranced with delectable pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla, it’s the perfect appetiser to the similarly scented Smoothie Star™ Body Buttercream.”

When a product boasts a host of skin hydrating ingredients such as the ones above, you would think that your body would be in for a bit of a treat right? Wrong. In my case, I didn’t see that much of a difference in my skin: my skin began tightening up and drying as soon as I finished taking showers and there were even some areas that felt a bit flaky afterwards! There is virtually little to no foam or lather while under water and my skin didn’t feel moisturised whatsoever. I also hate the smell of pistachio so the scent didn’t do that much for me either.

Smoothie Star ButterCream 300ml – £10.50

  “Want silky, sexy, famously soft skin? Rub elbows and knees with this luxurious, lightly whipped, super nourishing 5-oil deluxe body butter. Amazing on dry legs!”
The ingredients contained in this buttercream consists of Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond oil and Vanilla. I normally don’t stray to other body butters as some of you guys may know that I make my own, however the packaging got me again and I felt inclined to try. 
I honestly don’t have a lot to say about this. If I could use one word to describe it, it would be “Meh”. Again, the overpowering scent of pistachio puts me straight off and although the moisturiser doesn’t dry out my skin like the shower butter does, I still don’t feel “moisturised”. The consistency of the cream is thick and is very easy to rub into the skin, however as soon as it’s rubbed in, it disappears. I’m someone who likes to have that slightly oily sheen to my skin as it lets me know that the product is working. After a couple of hours, my skin starts to feel dry again.
Would I buy Soap & Glory Products again? Probably not. I just feel like underneath all the cute packaging and corny puns, there isn’t a lot there and this is a great example of one of the many reasons why I like to stick to using mostly natural/organic skincare products!
Available online and at Boots.
What do you guys think of Soap & Glory?

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