Birthday Beauty Wishlist

It’s my birthday in two weeks y’all!
That’s right, on the 5th of May, I turn 24 (which I still can’t believe as I still feel like I’m 16! Well, I act it anyway GUFFAW) and so I’ve made up a wee bit of a wishlist of things I’ve been lusting for that I would love to get “hint hint”. Now granted, giving the cost of most of these, I probably won’t be getting anything from this list within that time, but a girl can dream can’t she? Besides, I’ll probably see if I can pick up a few from the Duty Free at Heathrow as I’ll be flying out to the States exactly a week later (more on that in another post!)
3. Clarins Palette Eclat Blush £24.00
5. Ben Nye Banana Powder £11.50
What are on your wishlists?

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