Let's Play With…Sephora!

While in New York, I stopped by Sephora to pick up a few items; to be honest I didn’t really pick up much as a lot of their self-branded products didn’t really appeal to me, but a couple stood out which I will talk about a bit here.

Aren’t these blushes lovely? I’m not normally partial to a dusty pink but the blush on the left gives a gorgeous matte glow that is not too pigmented. In the photo above, I have swatched it a few times for it to show up. Lack of pigmentation is not a problem for me with this blush as you can build it up very easily .
The blush on the right is more of a nude-pink colour with tiny specks of gold which gives the colour a bit of a highlight. Both blushes are matte, but don’t fall on the side of being chalky which is awesomesauce.

These lipglosses came in at around $4 dollars each which isn’t that bad, considering the quality. Both glosses have a shimmer base and remind me of those £1 roll on lip glosses that we used to get from the corner shop when we were 13. Remember?! Sad times. O_o
Although it feels light on the lips, the staying power is pretty strong. I’m normally not a fan of loads of shimmer, but thankfully I can manage to pull this off. I had hoped that the purple gloss would have been more pigmented, but alas, I’ll take what I can get!

I love the red lip gloss – it reminds me of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers for some reason. I can see myself layering this on top of Ruby Woo. Pretty! The glosses come with a “8” shaped doe-foot applicator which makes the application easy and precise (for me anyway…I detest brush applicators!).

Have you guys tried anything from Sephora?

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