Review | Clayspray Toning White Clay & Aloe Vera Masque

I must admit, I hardly use face masks. Mostly because I always forget to pick them up at the pharmacy or at the department stores. Clay masks have always been on my *to get* list as I’ve never used them before and have always been intrigued as to how effective they are. A few months ago, Spanish skincare brand Clayspray launched their products into the UK market and I was kindly sent one of their masks to review.


The masks are unique in that they are made up of 60-65% pure clay in an emulsified formulation as opposed to the 10-15% found in other clay masks. This makes the mask one of the purest clay masks in the world, as well as being some of the freshest as the clay is not exposed to air and does not start to deteriorate.
The Toning White Clay with Aloe Vera Masque is especially made for those of us with normal to sensitive skin and is said to gently exfoliate and soften as well as even out the skin tone. The clay also contains minerals such as silica (boosts collagen), calcium and potassium to help lock in moisture for an anti-ageing effect.
Because I am new to the whole clay mask game, I may have overindulged in the usage by just a little bit and added on a bit too much clay. The result of this meant that the mask took quite a while until it completely dried.
I actually fell asleep at some point during the process for around 20 minutes or so. I was met with a mild tingling feeling as the clay began to set. It got to a point where I was unable to move my face at all; my mum kept telling me jokes in a bid to make me laugh and I couldn’t crack a smile! It felt like my face was encased in a plaster of Paris; rigid!
(Again, this may be because I used farrrrrrr too much product)
I said earlier on Twitter that I felt like a caterpillar being incased in a mineral-filled cocoon. Once my time was up, I washed my face and applied my night cream/serum. I came outta that cocoon looking like the fliest butterfly any of you have ever seen. Fact and truth.
My skin felt excessively smooth and my pores deep cleaned. You know that feeling when you apply something minty on your skin and it ends up feeling very clean and fresh? That same feeling applies here. My skin was very receptive to my night cream and drunk it up nicely.
Overall, I’m highly impressed with the product. It’s great for a deep-clean but for £41 for 125ml, it’s a product that I would only use very sparsely or on one of my random pamper nights. I believe it’s worth the money as you get a lotta bang for your buck. The results are clear to see after just one use and I’m really surprised! I’m going to continue using it over the next couple of months and I’ll report back with my findings then.
Learn more about Clayspray here!
Have you guys heard of, or used Clayspray yet?

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