Michael Kors Lip Luster – Sporty: Muse


After waiting for what seemed like eternity for the collection to debut in the UK, I’ve finally been able to purchase one of the products from the designers’ luxe makeup range and after using it for about three weeks, I’ve decided to to a lil’ review on it. 
So, I’ve always been an admirer of Michael Kors’ especially when it comes to the handbag range. As you may know, the Michael Kors tote bag has been all the rage for the last couple of years and so upon hearing that he would bring his talents towards the beauty industry, I was tres’ excited.  The products within the collection are primarily themed around the sporty/sexy/glam theme in order to coincide with the accompanying perfumes. Having noticed a lack of nude glosses in my collection, I decided to risk it and purchase this nude from Escential.com.  
Muse (5ml) comes packaged within a smart white and gold case with the brand name embossed into the box which I thought was pretty fancy (I still have the box, far too fancy to throw away!). Upon opening however, the packaging of the lipstick itself while still very luxe looking, feels quite flimsy to the touch. Considering that the product is encased in glass, I would have thought there would be a “weight” to it – however the case is extremely light and almost feels plastic-like. The same goes for the gold lid, which also has a very plastic-ish texture to it and does, frankly, feel a bit cheap which is kinda disappointing. 
The lipgloss itself is a sheer blush-toned nude colour with a slight iridescent sparkle and has a lovely light scent which contains notes of blood orange, lemon and rose. The texture of the gloss is quite thick, so I would strongly suggest giving your lips a quick exfoliating session before applying this bare as it has the tendency to seep into lip lines and highlight any dry skin. You’ll probably be able to tell from my lip swatch below as I didn’t have time to exfoliate before applying the gloss. 
It’s a gorgeous shade that has the potential to suit all skintones, depending on the shade of nude you wear underneath. It strongly reminds me of Turkish Delight by NARS, albeit a slightly less opaque version so if you’re a fan of that shade, you’ll love this. I found that it lasted for about an hour and a bit before I had to reapply, which is pretty good considering that it’s Winter and my lips are currently…going through some chappy issues O_O. 
Overall, I’m highly impressed with the quality of the lipstick and I’ll definitely want to purchase the other two colours within the brand. In contrast, I am disappointed with the packaging and feel that this could be greatly improved. For a designer brand to use flimsy and cheap-looking material, it undermines the whole idea of the item being branded as “luxe”. If i’m paying money for a luxe item, I would expect greater care to be taken with the product as a whole, not just what’s inside the packaging.
Is it just me or am I tripping? Maybe I got a bad batch? Who knows!

Michael Kors Sporty Lip Luster – Muse | £21.00 £16.50 FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY | Escentual.com

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