Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette Review

I’ve never been the biggest fan of highlighters to be honest; why? Because I never knew how to use them *sobs*. Even though I understand their basic uses and how they are used to contour and define a person’s features, every time I try to use one, I end up looking like a disco ball – no bueno.  
As I passed the Sleek stand within my local Superdrug the other day, the Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette (£9.99) caught my eye and I thought to myself, ‘eh…one last jab at it aye?‘ bit the bullet, and made a purchase. I’m glad I did to be honest because isn’t it gorgeous?? Sleek are well known for their deeply pigmented formulas and it goes without saying that this palette did not disappoint. 
There are four shades in the palette; three cream based and one powdered, including an application brush. The shades from top left are: platinum, royal gold, renaissance gold and antique bronze (the powder). The shades all vary in colour as shown, from champagne to golden bronze, with each having their own function as per the instructions on the back of the packaging although bare in mind that you can use these shades in whatever way you wish.
The lightest shade in the collection (platinum) can be used on the inner eyelids or to highlight your eyebrows, while the other three shades can be used on top of the cheekbones, Cupid’s Bow or down the centre of your nose. I have absolutely no reason to use this product on my Cupid’s Bow whatsoever as I reckon mine is already quite defined, same goes for the nose, so I decided to use these on an area of my face that is distinctly lacking; my “cheekbones”(or lack thereof). 
As I stated above, I adore the pigmentation of Sleek’s products – I believe you get a lot of bang for your buck with their palettes and this one is no different. A little goes a long way so I would suggest using some sort of fluffy brush with this or even a Beauty Blender, which is what I used for the photos below. Cream formulas are another thing I’ve never been able to get on with, but teamed with my Beauty Blender, I was able to apply the product on with precision and ease.
^^ LOL
In the photos above, I have applied Platinum to my brows and a mixture of Renaissance Gold and Antique Bronze around the upper part of my face to give the appearance of “cheekbones” (#CheekbonesOnFleekOrNah?). I normally set my face with Ben Nye’s Banana Powder, which is what I’ve done here also. 
Mate. I’m loving it. 
This is something I’ll definitely be adding into my makeup routine in the future. All my life i’ve been praying for some kind of definition with my cheekbones – in this case, at least I can now fake it until I somehow eventually lose weight and eventually have cheekbones for days. 
So how about it? Are you liking it? What highlighters do you use to get your cheekbones in order?

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