When it comes to me and brushes (with the exception of foundation brushes), it’s typically every man, or brush, for itself. All my non-base products are essentially “multi use”; lip brushes as contour brushes, contour brushes as mineral powder brushes etc, as long as it applies on well, It’s not a big deal for me.
The same goes for my eyebrows. Of late, I’ve started the routine of using a concealer around the perimeter of my brows and blending it out in order to achieve fleek-worthy, sharp slugs. For this, I’ve been using the Eco-Tools Eye Enhancing Duo Set (£6.99), which I purchased from Boots.
The duo set, intended for eyeshadow use, consists of two double ended brushes: a Shade/Define brush and a Blend/Smudge brush. To be honest, I couldn’t even tell you how to use these brushes traditionally because I seldom use eyeshadow, however I use the Define (slanted) brush to outline my brows with concealer, and the Smudge brush to, you guessed it, smudge and shade the concealer out. 
I adore these brushes; the bristles are fine, very soft and  are easy to manipulate and blend without being streaky; I also have a thing about bamboo/wooden brushes; I think they do look rather pretty and best of all, they are 100% animal cruelty free!

I’m currently in the midst of collecting more brushes; my makeup station needs updating and I’ve always found Eco-Tools brushes to be of great quality and remarkably inexpensive – you can’t really go wrong to be fair! *eyes up the eco-tools stippling brush*.

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