Return of the MAC

I’ve never been that big on Mac products to be honest – While I understand the camaraderie of the various Mac collection releases, on a whole I do think they are hideously overpriced so aside from my cult products, I don’t really shop there – In fact, this will be the first time I’ve bought anything from there in over 2 years!
The items you see above are all repurchases, save for Nightmoth (£12.50), which has been on my beauty wishlist for the last 4 years; I’ve just been too much for a tight, lazy git to actually get it until now. I remember seeing beauty vlogger Shirley B Eniang wear a combination of Nightmoth with her Ruby Woo and it looked absolutely amazing and from there I told myself that I needed it for all the reasons. 
laws 005
Nightmoth is described as a ‘blackened plum’ and is a very deep dark wine burgundy colour with strong red undertones. It’s a gorgeous colour that goes well with Ruby Woo and Rebel if you’re after a vampy-vixen look. I normally never use lipliner so this will take a little getting used to as I’ve been making a pigs’ ear of it lately, however I’m sure to get better with practice.
I also made a repurchase of the cult colour Ruby Woo (£15.50), which is now a must have for my makeup bag. Me and Ruby didn’t quite get on in the beginning as I found her too drying; but now we’ve worked out a compromise and have become the best of friends. 
Touch (15.50) is my all time favourite nude shade. Ever. To date I haven’t found a shade to top it yet, which is a shame because I really don’t feel like shelling out £15 each time (yes, I am cheap. I embrace it :P). Touch is a creamy, full colour browned nude with a glossy sheen and looks AMAZING on darker skin tones. I used to be a rose-nude kinda gal back in the day, however now I’m all about the browns. One of these days, I may just bulk buy this particular shade in case they ever run out (unlikely, but still, you never know!).
Last but not least is my favourite foundation of all time – Matchmaster (£28.00). I’ve tried all types of foundations, and even though most of them have been amazing, I always come back to my comfort zone, which is this one. I just love it. It matches my skintone EXACTLY; a rare feat you often find with darker skinned ladies. I get this in shade 9.0, which is the darkest shade; I distinctly remember them going up to 10.0 however it seems to have been discontinued – tut tut!
I normally use light coverage foundation, but I can afford to go medium with this as it blends in so effortlessly, with minimal to no shine around my oily T-zone. It contains SPF 15 and dries with a semi-matte finish. The foundation is apparently not ‘photography friendly’ as it doesn’t include any magical HD finish chemicals however I think you can get away with it in photos. The formula isn’t heavy or watery and have a wear time of about 8 hours or so. 
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Mac Matchmaster (9.0)
Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Powder in Deep Dark


MAC Ruby Woo / MAC Nightmoth lip liner
MAC Touch / MAC Burgundy lip liner

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