So I now have combination skin…

Back when I was 18, I visited this cute little boutique spa in Wimbledon Village where I received a complimentary skin reading to determine my skin type. After a lot of prodding, kneading and faffing around with my face (at that point i’d half expected the lady to chuck me in an oven at 180 degrees), I was told that my skin type was dry, almost dehydrated even, and since then my whole skincare regimen has been based on this analysis.

For the last couple of years I noticed that whenever I would wear makeup, my T-zone would get extremely oily, however I discounted the notion of having something other than dry skin because, I mean, there was a whole lotta prodding going on during my skin exam, SURELY she must be right?!

Last month, I had my face analysed in one of those UV face analysis machine thingies courtesy of the lovely guys over at Balance Me at Debenhams and to my surprise, after a thorough analysis I was told that I do in fact have combination skin! While my cheeks and sides of my face are normal/slightly dry, my T-zone area is pretty oily and because of this, I’m looking to give my current facial products a complete overhaul, starting with these three:

1. Superdrug Detoxifying Dead Sea Mud Mask£2.59 tube or £0.99 sachet 
After having a quick read up of masks that would be suitable for combination skin, I popped into Superdrug to purchase this mud mask containing dead sea clay. I thought it’ll be best to buy something cheap and cheerful for now to see how it will affect my skin before opting for anything else. Detoxifying the skin is ideal for oil control and so I only use this around my T-zone once a week. The mask can become quite tingly when left to harden for 10 minutes, which can only mean that the product is working – well I assume it to be! Upon removal, my skin feels stripped – in a good way, not a paint stripper ‘oh ma gad where is my face?!’ sort of stripped. After I do this, my skin stays relatively oil free for a couple of days at most which is I suppose is okay, having nothing yet to compare it to!
You guys already know that I love me some Antipodes ( see here, here and here) so I was very excited to try this organic gel based cleanser which is said to brighten the skin. Containing yummy ingredients such as kiwi, Manuka honey and Vinanza grape and scented with green apple and cardamon, the cleanser contains a multitude of antibacterial exfoliants designed to combat the over-production of oils within our pores, revealing clear, blemish free skin. I do love this cleanser; it smells amazing and my face always has a certain tightness after using it which is refreshing.
3. Balance Me Radiance Face Oil – £30.00 for 30ml
Guys, I love this stuff. Marketed for all skin types, this oil can be used night and day and keeps skin intensely moisturized and hydrated, without being toooo oily. My face always feels extra plump after using the oil and it’ great for use at night a my face feels hydrated and calm, which is awesome.
This isn’t to say that i’ll be re-hauling my whole skin regimen, just adding little bits here and there to control the oil. 
Do you guys use anything for oil control?

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