Make Up Forever Launching in Debenhams THIS MONTH

That’s right kids; RING THE KLAXON and sound the alarm as due to popular demand, the cosmetic mega-giant that is Make Up Forever will be hitting UK shores on the 19th of May, exclusive to Debenhams instore and online. I’ve been a huge fan of the brand and remember stocking up loads while in New York a couple of years ago. It’s great that MUFE will now be widely accessible in the UK and this now means I can get my hands on some of their highly recommended foundations!
Until then however, I thought I’d show you a couple of bits I was kindly given by Debenhams to review; the Matt Pro Bronze Fusion in Honey and the Artist Plexi-Gloss lipgloss in Fuchsia 109.


First off the bat, I think I’m going to kick things off with the Pro Bronze Fusion bronzer as this will be short and sweet.
This compact is pretty. It just is. Now while I’m not the biggest fan of the brown exterior, the powder design is gorgeous; almost too pretty to use! Now I’ve gotten the positives out of the way, the sad truth about this powder is that despite how gorgeous it is, it is far too light for my skintone. I’ve tried to use this in a manner of different ways, including as a highlighter, but the lack of shimmer renders that impossible. In the photos below I am wearing the bronzer underneath my eyes, however I had to use the lightest of lightest touches to prevent this from looking like an ash fest.
Personally I would not say that this is suitable for darker skinned women, however I am still trying to find ways in which I can make this work. Pigmentation woes aside, the bronzer is formulated with Vitamin E to ensure a silky soft finish. Just a shame that it’s not the right shade!
Next we move onto the Plexi-Gloss in Fuchsia 109: a gorgeous vibrant pink lip gloss that has been formulated to give lips a vinyl-shine finish and long lasting colour. The site says that the lipgloss offers an opaque finish, however I would probably say it’s more of a semi-opaque affair.
The first thing I noticed about the gloss was that it was blue toned. YAY for me as blue toned pinks and reds go right up my street. While the pigmentation is a fair 5/10 for me, I found the texture to be sliiiiightly irritating; it’s a tad gloopy and quite thick and I found it a tad challenging to evenly distribute the gloss across my lips.
The applicator is doe-foot shaped and while I normally prefer this method of application, the applicator was a tad too small, which also made the application difficult. I used the gloss twice to achieve the coverage you see below and while I am in love with the colour, I do think a lot could be improved where the texture is concerned.
MUFE will be launched in Debenhams on the 19th of May so stay tuned!
Do you have any favourite MUFE products?

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