Balance Me Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser

As much as I love skincare and everything associated, I sometimes do get a bit lax when it comes to certain tips and pieces of advice. One of these things is the use of anti-ageing products within your early to mid-twenties. I will admit that I have been avoiding anti-ageing products like the plague because it meant facing up to the reality that old age was coming for me (LOL). The saving grace for me is that fortunately I think I still look a couple of years younger than I am so I’m not ringing up my pension yet!
A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the launch of Balance Me‘s new Collagen Boost collection which will be coming out later on this month. The collection features two products; the Restore & Replenish Face Cream and the Restore & Replenish Cream Cleanser, with a micellar water coming out in September. The anti-ageing collection has been two years in the making and is infused with a natural peptide complex which is designed to plump and protect the skin, as well as strengthen the cells and reduce the existing signs of ageing.
The cleanser is designed to remove all makeup, and this product is VERY good at doing this, compared to previous cream cleansers I used which didn’t do that good of a job. The formula is lightly scented and very gentle so is ideal for those with sensitive skin. The cleanser can be applied over dry skin then wiped off with a wet cotton wool pad, or it can be used with wet skin.
So far i’m very impressed with the cleanser and can’t wait to pick up the face cream too!
The cleanser costs £18 and will be available from the Balance Me site and Debenhams this month.

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