Dr. Organic Royal Jelly Skin Whitening Cream | Before & After

OK OK….don’t all stone me at once!
I am fully aware that I was meant to post a results/before and after of this cream MONTHS ago (in January O_O), but somehow, life got in the way for a bit and for that, I am ever so sorry for the lack of updates, so onwards and upwards!

So as most of you are aware, I bought the Dr. Organic Royal Jelly Skin Lightening Cream (see my first post on this here), which has since been renamed the Royal Jelly Light & Bright cream with no real expectations. As someone who has struggled with pigmentation issues, I’ve danced the danced with all the other lightening products and had found that they were full of nothing but empty promises. The cream contains skin lightening ingredients such as Algowhite and Alpha-Albumin and does not contain Parabens, SLS and has no artificial colours, fragrances, Hydroqionone or preservatives. It also contains: aloe vera juice, mulberry extract, sandalwood oil, patchouli oil and cedarwood.
I used the cream twice a day for approximately 10-12 weeks or so, first starting off on my right knee, then eventually doing both. Here are the results:
As you can see, there is a DRAMATIC difference in pigmentation to my knee! While my knee isn’t completely the same shade, it’s definitely lightened up loads (especially around the middle) and I believe had I continued with the application, I could probably have achieved complete eradication of the marks. The cream itself is thick in texture and very mild, so no tightening or stinging of any kind.
To be honest with you, as amazing as the results are, I don’t think i’ll be continuing with the cream any longer. It’s nothing against the cream mind, I have a thing with repetition and it just gets tiring for me having to include this extra step of moisturizing my body every morning and evening and to be honest I’ve come to accept my body as is so I’m good! Also in regards to the timing, I would have thought to start seeing results as early as 6 weeks but alas, we still kinda got there in the end!
I’m definitely going to recommend this to all who need to fade a few dark scars or marks here and there. While the cream is safe to use, I would advice against abusing it and using it all over to generally lighten your skin. Love the skin you’re in! <3
The Royal Jelly Light and Bright can be bought from Holland & Barrett’s here. The product is unsurprisingly out of stock at the moment so keep checking to see when they come back online. You can also visit in store.

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