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Amby Rose Brushes
How goes it guys?
Today I’m coming to you with something I don’t normally do, which is a brush review. Now I’ve never really done brush reviews as they all feel and do the same thing to me regardless of brand – I never really see a difference even though I know there probably is. But every now and again you come across something that stands out, which is why we are here today.  So without further ado, let’s get going!

Now if you aren’t already aware, Amby Rose is a new cosmetics brand founded by Youtube beauty/fashion maven and uber talented make up artist, Chanel Boateng and the makeup brushes are just the first  in what I can predict to be a successful collection of beauty products. I’ve been watching Chanel for a couple of years now and as an expert in all things makeup related, it would only make sense for me to have high expectations from the brush collection and I wasn’t disappointed!
Amby Rose 2
I decided to buy the Flat Top Buffer Brush and the Round Buffer Brush (both at a very reasonable £4.99 each) to add to my collection.
The Flat top buffer blush is predominantly used for liquid foundation, mousse or cream products as its bristles are very dense. The first thing that stood out for me when using this was how soft the bristles are; this made for a very flawless finish – something I’ve rarely achieved when using a liquid foundation. I normally use this brush in a circular motion to allow for even distribution of the product. The bristles were not weighed down by the product and I didn’t detect any loose or uneven hairs.
The Round buffer brush is predominantly for powders; now I use this to apply my powder highlighter/blush and to apply a loose powder sometimes. Personally, I find that the brush is better at distributing compact powders as opposed to loose powder as again, the head of the brush is really dense to allow for maximum distribution of the product to one area. The shape of the brush is rounded with a large surface area, so it’s great if you’re a contourer!
I’m someone who is very much about the aesthetics of a product and I love the colour scheme of the brushes! The light blue with gold detailing screams luxe and light blue is a colour that you don’t really see on products these days, which makes the brushes further stand out. After washing the brushes several times, I have seen no bristle fallout, denting/bending of the bristles and no loose metal handle. I can’t tell you know impressed I am with the brushes so far and would consider them up there with the more premium brands based on the softness of the bristles alone, so If you’re looking for very reasonably priced brushes of a superb quality, definitely try out Amby Rose!

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