I can be so tardy for the party when it comes to new skincare trends. When you find a regimen that works, I guess you just tend to stick with it so when I recently saw a technique called ‘Multi-Masking’ all over Instagram and Youtube, I thought I’d give it a try especially as I have combination skin!
Multi-masking is a really efficient way to get the most out of you skincare regimen by targeting specific areas at once using different masks; My T-Zone gets very oily while my cheeks are normally quite dry, especially in Winter. When it comes to masks and skincare in general, I’m very much #TeamOrganic or as natural as possible, as my skin seems to reap the benefits of a ‘fresher’ product.
For my T-Zone, I’ve been using the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask by The Body Shop and the Aura Manuka Honey Mask from Antipodes for my cheeks. I’ve been undertaking this regimen three days a week for about two weeks now and to be honest, it makes caring for the skin so much easier as I’m not doubling up on mask applications every week! Let’s talk more about the masks…

Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask | 75ml

The Antipodes manuka honey mask is said to be a ‘deeply moisturising, cleansing and anti-oxidising treatment’.  I’d say it would be suitable for those with combination, dull or dry skin.
Ingredients of note: Manuka honey, avocado oil, vitamin E, vanilla oil, mandarin oil.
Thoughts: The consistency of the mask is similar to a thick moisturising body lotion, however it does have a good spread, so less definitely is more with this one. It has a subtle scent of honey and vanilla which reminds me of Spring and does not harden when applied. I don’t feel any kind of chemical reason when I apply this mask, however when I do remove it I definitely feel the difference.
The mask draws moisture to the skin so when I wash it off, my skin feels slightly damp/clammy. It’s an interesting feeling, actually seeing and feeling how hydrated your skin is! Once I pop on some face moisturiser, my skin feels baby smooth. It’s a wonderful mask that I’d DEFINITELY recommend if you have dehydrated skin.

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask | 75ml

The Body Shop’s Himalayan Charcoal mask is a clarifying clay mask which aims to refine and purify the skin. Clay masks are absolutely brilliant for oily and combination skin as the consistency is excellent for opening up the pores and bringing excess oil and sebum to the surface.
Ingredients of note: Charcoal, tea tree oil, Moroccan lava clay, Pumice.
Thoughts: If you’re looking for an intense mask that will take out every last scrap of oil (and your soul), then this may be the mask for you. This mask is…intense…in a great way! The mask begins to solidify as soon as it is exposed to air/light (hence the amber bottle to keep out light) and it contains green tea leaves and bits of charcoal that come handy as exfoliants when washing the mask off.
The mask is easy to remove and my skin feels cool to the touch and dare I say it – quite radiant – afterwards. I finish by applying a Hyaluronic acid based serum and an oil control moisturiser which effortlessly sinks into my skin. Overall, this is a great mask to use if you have very oily skin.

I normally like to do full face applications with masks, but at times I’m prone to ‘spot-masking’ (above) if I’m going on a night out, if there’s a stubborn patch of skin or if i’m travelling long distances; I find it really beneficial when my skin is in need of a quick pick-me-up!

What do you think of multi-masking? Have you tried it?

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