The age-old question: what would you do if you won the lottery?
MAAAAATE. I swear I’ve thought about this scenario so many times, as I’m sure we all have at some point in our lives. My plan normally goes as follows: I’d pay off my parent’s mortgage, give them and the rest of my family a portion of the funds, buy a house and a car, give some to charity, travel the world, then invest the rest in either properties or ethical companies.
Given my recent circumstances, I have begun to think about this more and more and while I am not a frequent lottery player, I do participate in a Euromillions draw here and there for harmless banter; you never know right?
I recently came across a website called Lottoland, which is a site that offers Lotto betting. What is Lotto betting you ask? Well basically, the site will make a bet on official lottery draws on your behalf. You go ahead and choose your numbers as you would a normal lottery ticket, however with Lottoland, you get to choose what lotteries you enter, international as well as domestic.
If you guess correctly, you will win the same amount as whatever the lottery amount is, ie – if you draw all the correct numbers for the American Powerball lottery jackpot of $60 million, theoretically you would win $60 million, or the British equivalent. Because physical tickets are not sold, Lottoland isn’t as limited in the same way a normal lottery would be, so you can literally play in any participating lottery draw around the world. The payments are secure and come directly from the website.

I’ve been giving the website a go for the past few days; I started with £25 credit and have bet on a few lotteries around the world, including the US Powerball and the Irish Lotto. You can either choose your own numbers, or you can select Quick Picks from the drop down menu to select a lucky dip. When you have made your bet, the money will be deducted from your account and all you need to do is sit back and wait! If you do win, you will get an email notification telling you so.
I haven’t won anything as of yet, but overall Lottoland seems to be a really easy way to play the Lottery from the comfort of your own home, giving you access to draws all over the world. They also have scratchcards and instant plays available, which I also played and won a few bob which wasn’t bad, so it’s definitely a legit site.
I’m deffo going to keep this account active and look out for big jackpots around the world to give them a go in future!

Do you already play the lottery? Would you give Lottoland a go?


*This post is in collaboration with Lottoland*


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