How I love re-hashing previous trends; Palazzo pants again? Oh, this finna be a breeze!

As a fat, Palazzo/wide legged trousers has been a trend that I’ve admittedly always had a love/hate relationship with. One one hand, they are extremely comfortable and versatile. On the other hand, I’ve never been a fan of how they sit on my legs. They make my legs look hella stumpy; almost like two blocks of wood and I’ve just never been about that life and I know that a few of my plus size girls feel this struggle on a spiritual level.

What I’ve come to appreciate lately, however, is that as well as my newfound appreciation for wearing clothes that aren’t necessarily flattering, I’ve had a bit of a rummage around different kinds of Palazzo trousers and after having a bit of a play around, have found a few that suit me. See, the Palazzo isn’t the enemy, it’s all about how you style them.

What I thought I’d do is share a few tips on how to style Palazzo pants for this Spring*/Summer season, along with my favourite styles of the moment. It’s taken me a long time to appreciate this style of trouser, and I’d be remiss in my responsibility as a *fashion bloggaar* if I didn’t at least share some tricks n ting.

Plain white T-Shirt // Palazzo Trousers

  1. The Tuck: Get a blouse/sweater/top of a similar pattern or colour and tuck it in so it looks like a jumpsuit. That way, you’re creating a delicate yet defined silhouette, with the tuck drawing attention to your waist.
  2. Femme Fresh: For a soft, springy feminine look, pair a set of dark coloured Palazzo trousers with a white or pastel lace top.
  3. Crop it out: Wear a crop top with your trousers as it instantly elongates your legs and makes you look less stumpy.
  4. Funny girl: For a fun, fresh look, pair some patterned palazzo trousers with a graphic or slogan tee. For example, a pale pink graphic tee with brown suede palazzo trousers? ISSA MOOD.
  5. Oversized: Add an oversized denim jacket to your look – yep I know what you’re thinking – wouldn’t this look baggy AF? If anything, it will provide more structure to your look, especially when worn off the shoulders!
  6. Basic Bitch: For something basic to potter around the house in or run errands in, pair your trousers with an oversized t-shirt and just tie a knot at the front, a-la-me in these photos. I actually packed the wrong tee shirt for this shoot (was supposed to shoot this with a crop top), but somehow made it work!

Photography by Kaye Ford

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*no but where is this weather going pls? Spring wyd.

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