Summer-ready Plus Sized Lingerie – Sorted.

It’s Summer guys!

Now I don’t know about you lot, but once the weather starts heating up, I absolutely LOATHE wearing any kind of underwear with hints of underwire, or unnecessary straps, fastenings or belts. Unless I’m going ‘out’ out, to work, or on a date (a rarity), you’ll normally see me kitted out in either non-underwired bras, bikinis or commando. I’m not being funny, but who has time for wires digging into side fat and underboob sweat? Not I!

I’m grateful that the plus size underwear industry has come a long way since the thick strapped, full busted, neutral monstrosities that we had to wear as our only options. Although it still has a long way to go, a lot of us now have access to crotchless panties, demi-bras, strapless fancies and ultra-uplifting, harnessed bras.

One type of bra that I feel should be given more attention though, is the non-underwired bra. For some reason, I find them to be quite a rarity within the plus size lingerie world. Do retailers assume that just because we have big boobs, we want them to be hoisted and sitting plump and pretty at every opportunity? Sometimes I just don’t want the pain and awkwardness of a wire digging into my sides every 3 minutes.

This is where the Adriana lace bralette from Parfait Lingerie comes into play. Available in four different colours including the peal white I’m wearing here, the Adriana bra is comfortable, yet sturdy. I was surprised to notice that is that it does an incredible job of lifting the boobs up too, I mean look at the cleavage tbh??

Photography by Kaye Ford

The white lace adds a really feminine, ethereal touch as well; this would be an ideal set to wear on your wedding night, if you’re someone who adheres to that kind of thing! This specific design starts from a 30D and ends at a 42FF. I’m wearing a 38GG here, and it’s ever so comfortable. THESE are the kinds of bras that should be made more available on the market, especially during summer. The lingerie can also be used for the times when you want to feel sexy during a night in, but you just can’t be that arsed. The lace and V-neck shape still give the bran that romantic touch, without it being over the top. An absolute winner!


What do you guys think?

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