I really need to get back into creating more beauty posts you know, as I did start off as a beauty blogger (in case you didn’t know!). What perfect way to get into back into the swing of things by having a chit-chat about June’s Cohorted box?

What is a ‘Cohorted box?’ I hear you ask? Well, it’s a luxury beauty subscription box that regularly features full sized versions of the most popular and luxurious brands, from Chanel and Benefit to Huda Beauty and Lancome. The boxes are the same each month: a sleek, black box tied with a ribbon, containing a 30-page booklet which features information about the month’s brands, as well as how much the box is worth. The boxes are normally worth in excess of £100 each month, which makes it pretty good value seeing as the subscription is about a quarter of that per month!

This month’s box is a bit of a special one, as it focuses on up and coming brand, DOUCCE.

Who are DOUCCE?

Doucce is a mid range makeup brand founded in New York by two fashion and beauty executives with the intent of giving women and artists across the world the opportunity to discover their individuality. The name was inspired by the French word ‘Douce’, which means soft and elegant. Doucce claims to have exceptional quality makeup, making it fit for the working makeup artist or the red carpet.

In the June box, we are presented with six items from the range.

  • Maxlash Volumiser Mascara
  • Fierce & Fine Graphic Pen
  • Brown Filler pencil in ‘warm brown’
  • Matte Temptation lipstick in ‘first date’
  • Lip Definer pencil in Lyra
  • A selection of buildable neutral eyeshadows within a palette

I can’t comment too much on the eyeshadows as I don’t use eyeshadow (heavy eyelids!) but the palette is quite heavy and screams ‘luxe’ and well made. The shadows look gorgeous and are very finely milled, which is always a win in my book to be honest.

The lip pieces are way too light for me to give any sort of review, however I am a fan of the texture of the lipstick. I think it’s important to note however, that too much will make your lip look slightly chalky so if anything, a light dab would probably suffice.

The brow pencil is also too light for me (my brows are jet black), but it has a soft, almost waxy texture, and the mascara seems to do okay! It promotes length, however isn’t as volumising as I would normally life.

It’s a shame that I wasn’t really able to test the majority of the products as they were too light for me, but all in all, the products seem to do a decent job. I’ve love to test out some of the products in shades that suit me to give a bit more of an in depth review!


Purchase the Cohorted beauty box here



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