Off The Beaten Track

photo taken by Kaye Ford

We may be out of lockdown, but leisure and athleisure still reign supreme for me!

As much as I miss dressing up to the nines to meet up with friends or attend events, I do miss the whole ‘popping to Tesco in joggers’ look when going to work or going home to see family, but the good news is, you can always ‘smarten up’ the jogger look by adding a few key accessories and making the most of other colourways.

Neutrals are always the way to go when going for an effortlessly chic look. Browns, beiges, whites and mauves always work really well. Add to that a pair of Chelsea boots, layered jewellery and a small handbag and you’re good to go!

Tracksuit // Boots // Balenciaga ‘Downtown’ Bag

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